How is it done?

✓ We offer turn-key STCs, so if a client would like to submit an idea, we would provide a quote.
✓ If this turns into a project, we would proceed with a design, build, and test fly. After that, we would certify the idea or product.

What is required before starting?

✓An Idea, a Non-Disclosure agreement (if needed), and/or a business agreement (i.e. agreed upon quote, PO, or contract).

Benefits of certification

✓A non-certified part can only fly legally on a “Public Use” aircraft (such as military, government, and some police) or an Experimental aircraft (such as a kit built or home built aircraft).
✓ Certified parts (what we offer) can fly on anything, all the above included. This can be for utility aircraft, VIP aircraft, business jets/planes, etc.

Possible costs

✓ We would provide either a full detailed quote OR $135.00/hour engineering rate.