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SR03346CH- External Mount

  • Install of external equipment
  • H1CE – Enstrom Helicopter Corp – 480
  • H1CE – Enstrom Helicopter Corp – 480B

SR03403CH- Under Seat Sensor Mount

  • Robinson R44 Helicopter
  • install of universal internal mount for electrical equipment
  • H11NM- Enstrom Helicopter Corp – R44
  • H11NM- Enstrom Helicopter Corp – R4411

SR03297CH- External Equipment Mount

  • Robinson R44 Helicopter
  • install of external equipment
  • H11NM- Robinson Helicopter Corp – R44
  • H11NM- Robinson Helicopter Corp – R4411

SA04083CH- Universal Sensor Mount

  • Navajo PA-31
  • install of universal bracket and a sight/view hole in front of baggage compartment
  • A20SO – Piper Aircraft – PA-31-300

  • A20SO – Piper Aircraft – PA-31-325

  • A20SO – Piper Aircraft – PA-31-350

  • A20SO – Piper Aircraft – PA-31

SR04124CH – Lithium Ion Main Ship Battery

  • Robinson R44 Helicopter
  • 16 amp-hour batter nominal at 23 C/73.4 F

  • Weight: 15.6 lbs. – 45% lighter than lead-acid or nickel-cadmium alternatives 

  • Advanced Nanoposphate kithium-ion cell cehmistry from A123 System, LLC – 3X the energy per kilogram, when compared to lead-acid and nickel cadmium cells

  • Rapid recharge and multiple levels of redundancy

  • Superior performance at extreme temperatures (-40 C/-40 C to 70 C/158 F)

  • Environmentally friendly with no special disposal requirements

  • Overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, over-temperature, under-temperature protection with automatic built-in-heater and overtemperature protection monitor circuit

  • 2-year maintenance interval; 50-90% savings on maintenance costs

  • 8-10 year useful life


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